The Heart of any Community is the Centre and the listry Community Centre is our Heart.

[jbox color=”blue”]Listry Community Centre provides services ranging from childcare facilities to meals on Wheels, Keep Fit lessons to Bingo Nights, Keep checking as we will have a full Itinarary within this page.[/jbox]



Weekly Schedule

Monday Scor Dancing 6.00pm
Tuesday Aerobics 9.30, Taekwondo 4.45-5.45pm,  Pilates 6.30pm
Wednesday Computer Classes 10.00am spiritualist Service 7.00pm (every 2nd week)
Thursday Aerobics 9.30am   Keep Fit 7.30pm Computer Class 7.30 and 8.30
Friday Parent Toddler Group 10.00am  Youth club 7.00pm
Sunday  GAA Youth Physical Fitness 5.00pm

Monthly Schedule

Active Retirement Club
Bingo (Not on at present)

If you would like to know more, or if you would like to book a room for an Event
please call Mary Mangan on 087 660 8803.

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