The Club would like to thank Paul Kennedy and everyone who helped and contributed to the wonderful commemorative programme to honor the 1970 O Donoghue Cup winning team. We  got a fantastic response from all Listry people at home and abroad.  Some great memories rekindled from back then. Well done Paul. Now that we are heading into another lockdown would it be an idea for people to put up online some photos, paper cuttings, stories etc of anything you may have from going back the years, I’m sure there’s loads in boxes and in attics around the parish. There must be loads of stuff around be it Football, the Church Opening, The Schools, Faha, Kilbonane, Rockfield, Tug of War, The Mart Show Winners, Greyhounds, The Pearl Showband etc etc. The Club are also looking at setting up an online Quiz in the coming weeks, Something to get us through these difficult times. Stay Safe everyone and if anybody needs help of any kind please contact the Club and we’ll try and get everybody through what we hope will be the final push to rid us of this terrible virus.

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