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All   followers of the longtails will be heading for Clonmel this weekend for the
World Cup of Coursing.
This  event takes place in the Clonmel Racecourse on this weekend (sat, sun, mon)   and will be attended by   thousands of people from all over the world.

The   Murphy family from Brosna have been involved with Grehounds for generations.
The  Coursing season starts at the end of Sept each year and runs until the end of   Feb the following year.
Hundreds  of Greyhound owners start out each year in Sept with their hounds in the hope that they have
a dog good enough to get through to Clonmel.

The   winning of a trial stake which are held by coursing clubs all over the country from Sept to Feb is no mean feat.
You   have to get the better of up to 64 more dogs over 3 days to win that exclusive trial stake  which is
the only ticket which entitles you to have a runner in Clonmel.

Having a runner in Clonmel is one of the greatest thrills a person will get in a lifetime.
When your dog is in slips for the first course on sat morning and your heart is pounding, the

hair standing in the back of your head, there is no place in the world you would rather be.

When   Denis Murphy enters the gates in Clonmel on Sat morning he will have the doggie people of Listry,
Brosna and beyond wishing that he will bring home the cup on Monday evening.

If Denis pulls this off we will be “Hunting Shadows” around the parish for weeks to come.

Best of   luck from all in Listry.

Jerome Kennedy


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