Two very competitive teams battled for the Castleisland mart Junior Premier Championship Round 1 Group 2 in Glenbeigh on Easter Sunday, Listry V Skellig Rangers.  the weather connditions did’nt help the game of play throughout the game for both sides making it difficult for play.  Skellig Rangers, Darragh O Sullivan put the 1st of many point on the scoreboard.  He was the key player throughout the whole match, putting a total of  7 points on the scoreboard for the Portmagee side.
Listry had an advantage over Skellig Ranger after 14 minutes as Skellig Rangers was reduced to 14 men.  Listry dominated play from Anthony Sweeney (0.2) Aaron McCarthy (0.1) and Ronan Buckley  (0.2), all putting scores on the scoreboard, pushing ahead into the 23rd minute by 3 points. Ciaran Keating (0.1)and Michael O Sullivan(0.1) had given the Portmagee side the equalised points going into half time from play. Listry 0.5 Skellig Rangers 0.5
Into the second half,Skellig Rangers stayed positive, again Darragh O Sullivan (0.4), Ciaran Keating (0.1) were prominent on the scoring front keeping. Skellig Rangers dominated the second half, where Listry found it difficult to score, however Gary O Sullivan (0.1) Anthony Sweeney (0.1) Ronan Buckley (0.2)all scored point from play. Skellig Rangers, Darragh O Sullivan dominated the full forward  in the second half. 
Final Score Listry 0.09
Skellig Rangers 0.10

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