Listry / Keel v Laune Rangers in the mid-Kerry U-16 final on Monday 28th at 3.30 in Killorglin. Listry/Keel have been coached this year by Ian Foley,Mike Cooper,Brian McCarthy and outstanding Listry senior player Derry Ahearn.
This team have played great football all year and already played in the Co.league final. Best of luck to the team,the mood was  great at training on Friday evening,great to see injured player “Cossi” at training and let’s hope we can bring the attitude and team spirit to the pitch tomorrow. I hope all parents and supporters from Listry and Keel will support the team. On a weekend when Listry got promoted to Div 2  and Keel promoted to Div 3 it’s important to support the future players for Listry and Keel. Thanks again to Derry Ahearn for coaching, texting,washing jerseys and being a great advisor and excellent role model for our young footballers


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