On Sunday 1st July our U-14 boys played Templenoe/Tousist in the east Kerry final on a wet and windy evening in Templenoe.Listry played with the wind in the first half and from the throw in they really showed how determined they were to win this game.Listry played some good football in the first half and worked the ball into scoring positions and getting some great scores.Kicking the long ball in to the full forward line was causing Temp./T.sist all kinds of trouble.However with continuous fouling and with no penalty kicks allowed Listry were finding it difficult and frustrating to score.Listry scored 1-7 in the first half and T/Tousist scored 1-4. 3 points up at half-time but facing into the wind and rain it was going to be a struggle to win.
Templenoe/Tousist were the better team in the second half and in fairness to our team they never gave up and battled to the very end.The referree on two occasions blew for frees and then allowed the play to continue which resulted in a goal and point against Listry.Maybe Temp/tsist would have won anyway but this was terrible reffing and really frustrated players and management.The final score was Templenoe/Tousist 3-10 Listry 1-9
This U-14 team trained extremely hard all year and the club are very proud of the effort of every player and would like to thank you all for doing your best for Listry.This team trained over the winter and I’m sure boys if you look after yourselves and keep fit you will have success in school teams and with Listry in the future.
Thank you to our U-14 team trainers,Sean walsh,Robert Gallagher and John O’Sullivan for your total commitment to your job all year.The team was well prepared and always looked well,thank you for washing jerseys and doing your best for the team at all times.
Thank you to all the parents and supporters for transporting and supporting our great team all year.Thank you to Pat O’Sullivan for taking team photos.
Listry U-14 Panel Padraig O’Sullivan,Niall O’Shea,Alan Lynch, Roman Gallagher,Peader Keane,Sean O’Sullivan,Brandon O’Mahony,Patrick Broderick,Mathew Keane,Sean Buchanan,Barry Keane,Senan Wrenn,Conor O’Shea,David Coffey,Paudie Horgan,Cian O’Sullivan,Mark O’Brien.


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