On Friday 6th May, Listry B played Austin Stacks C in Allman Park Faha on a beautiful May evening. This was Listry’s second game in the Co. Junior/Development league. 

Stacks got off to a great start and had 1-3 on the board before Listry settled. Daire Murphy opened the scoring for Listry with a fine point. 3 more points followed from Damien Clifford, Cian O Donoghue and James O Dowd.  Stacks replied with 3 points and then a super goal from Damien gave Listry a huge lift. Mike Buckley kicked 2 points on the trot and that left the scores level at 1-6 each at half time . Joseph Courtney was trying very hard in the first half at corner forward and put himself in a good position to score a goal only to be denied by the Stacks goal keeper. Anthony Sweeney played in goal for Listry and his restarts were fantastic, putting us on the front foot every time.Cian O Donoghue and John Foley are great defenders and helped to steady a young defence. Listry full back Joe Clifford and half back Aaron O Donoghue are only 19 years of age. Corner back Colin O Sullivan and centre back Dylan Brennan are only 20.         Listry made a few positional changes at half time. 19 year old’s Daire Murphy and James O Dowd made up the mid- field pairing. The boys worked well together and dominated the second half. Cain Bradley switched to corner forward and using his great pace kicked the first score of the second half. Cain continued to carve open the Stacks defence with great runs in the second half. Kieran Murphy moved to corner back and used all his experience to tighten up the defence. Young Colin O Sullivan moved to corner forward and had a great second half getting involved in numerous attacks. Jonathan Sparling was introduced and used his great football brain to great effect.  Jonathan has a fantastic ability to win and protect the ball. 18 year old Leo Healy came on at right half forward. Leo had a fantastic second half and had a great understanding with both Cian O Donoghue at half back and Colin O Sullivan at corner forward.          The second half started well for Listry with a point from Cain and James converted 2 frees. Stacks were determined to stay in the game and kicked 2 more points. Stacks then scored a second goal and Listry responded with a fantastic goal from 21 year old Mike Buckley.  Mike had a great game covering every blade of grass on the pitch . Patrick Broderick played at half forward. Patrick is a strong man, giving the team aerial strength and has a great willingness to take on his man at every opportunity. The last 10 minutes of the game was very exciting with tremendous defending from Aaron and Cian. James O Dowd was very strong in the middle of the field.Joe and Dylan were standing strong at full and centre back and the whole team were working extremely hard for each other.The winning point was a super score from Daire Murphy who had a fantastic game .  Final score was Listry 2-10 Austin stacks 2-9 .   Congratulations to both teams for providing great entertainment. It was a great battle between two sporting teams.       Thank you to Aidan O Connor Austin Stacks for his kind words in the Listry dressing room after the game. Well done to referee Mike Moriarty and his umpires , which were properly attired in white coats, for a great professional performance. Thank you to all the supporters who added greatly to the occasion.  Team and scores;Anthony Sweeney, Colin O Sullivan, Joe Clifford, John Foley,Cian O Donoghue(1), Dylan Brennan, Aaron O Donoghue, Cain Bradley (1),Daire Murphy (2),Patrick Broderick, Mike Buckley (1-2), Damien Clifford (1-1),Joseph Courtney, Kieran Murphy, James O Dowd (3)Subs- Leo Healy and Jonathan Sparling. 

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