Finished for the year


  • Pay your entry fee before Week 1 – no need to pay again.

  • Each week, pick the winner of 1 Premiership match.

  • If your team wins, you go through to the next week; if you lose or draw  – you’re out. **

  • You may not pick the same team more than once in the Competition.

  • All selections must be made by Friday each week (before kick-off of first match if there is a game on a Friday) through text message by contacting one of the numbers above. A reminder message will be issued during the week leading up to fixtures.

  • If you forget to pick a team, you will be automatically assigned the next available team in alphabetical order.

  • The competition continues until one person remains and wins the pot of €500. If two participants remain at the end of the season, the pot is split amongst them equally. If more than 2 remain – it will be carried forward to the first gameweek of the next season. If all remaining players in a competition lose their match in a round together, they all progress to the next round.

    Gameweeks Below




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