shop localThis is not your usual post re how we are doing at the club, but more of a reminder that we should all be trying to keep our eyes and ears open to services and products locally available rather than always with the bigger corporates that we tend to go to.

Whether it be for your groceries, or Petrol, Garden bits etc , or in this case car Insurance.


Last week I received my Car insurance Renewal which as you all know tends to go up between €20-60 Euros every year, sometimes more, which you expect, so imagine my surprise when this year they decided to increase it by €350 bringing my policy to over €750.

Enraged I called my Broker to explain where they plucked that amount from to be told, the reason for the increase was because too many drivers had claimed this year !!! I naturally told the person that I was not one of them, to which he replied he could not help me and that was the amount. which brings me to the point of this post, I then rang Dennis Murphy of Gallivan Murphy Hooper Dolan to find out if what they were doing was allowed etc and came away 10 minutes later with a quote that was cheaper than even last year, with exactly the same cover.

Gallivan Murphy Hooper Dolan have been Listry GAAs main Sponsor for so long and I had never considered getting a quote from them before, until now, so I am asking you all before you go out to get whatever you need, find out if there is a better, cheaper, friendlier, alternative on your own doorstep, and help keep it local.

My thanks to Dennis and Gavin for all their help.

Up Listry



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