Listry advanced to the Junior Football Championship following a 3 point victorious win over Lispole in Strand road in Tralee last Saturday evening.
Listry played against the wind, got off to a good start by Joe Clifford putting the 1st score on the score board from play after 3 minutes. Lispole’s Cathal O Sullivan and Declan O Sullivan from play put 2 points ahead for Lispole, this was the only time throughout the match that Lispole were ahead after 10 minutes.. Listry’s Joe Clifford scores Listry’s only goal and this set the time for the 1st half, putting Listry well ahead going into the second. Derry Ahern was swift with the ball in the first half scoring 2 points along with Gary O Sullivan 0.01 Cathal O Sullivan from Lispole dominated the scoreboard by putting 4 points on the scoreboard, alongside Declan O Sullivan with 1 point in the 1st half. Lispole showed strength and hungry throughout the 1st half, making 2 attempts to get goals on the scoreboard, however Listry proven too strong.
Listry 1.05 Lispole 0.05

Listry’s Joe Clifford talent and skill in the 2nd half putting 3 points from play for Listry. Lispole started putting scores on the scoreboard by Declan and Cathal O Sullivan, the two main scorers throughout the match for Lispole. Sub: Matthew Sean Griffin came in for Ciaran O Sullivan 15 minutes into the second half, scored his 1st point, 4 minutes later. Listry’s Anthony Kennedy put the final touches on the game by scoring the final point for Listry before the final whistle was blown, given Listry a victorious win.

Listry:Joe Clifford 1.05, Gary O Sullivan, 0.01 Derry Ahern 0.01, Derry Ahern 0.02.
Lispole: Declan O Sullivan 0.03, Cathal O Sullivan 0.06, Matthew Sean Griffin 0.01

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